NANO Power Finish
Ask any boat owner, “what is the one thing you dislike most about boating?” – the answer will always be the amount of time spent on boat maintenance and upkeep. If keeping your boat clean is becoming a nightmare you will be happy to know that now there is an easier way. If you own a pleasure boat, a speed boat, a fishing boat, a yacht, a sailboat, or a dinghy – make your life easier and enjoy boating more, simply use Nano Power Finish, the world’s most advanced protection available for your boat. And it is completely eco-friendly, with no waxes, oils, solvents or petroleum products of any kind.

Nano Power Finish provides a thin, invisible, long-lasting coating over every surface of your boat that keeps everything protected and clean. It is the secret to keeping your boat perfectly clean with minimal effort. Spray on and the results will astound you.
NANO Power Finish

Boat Captain’s Testimonial - I am a person of very few words and I don't recommend anything to any one but you have to try Power Finish this is truly a step forward in cleaning and maintaining technology for everything you own.

I 've been a yacht Captain for over 30 years and maintaining yachts to the highest standards of our industry takes up most of my time. I'm always looking to find a better mouse trap in everything I do. This year I came across Nano Power Finish, a product that seemed to good to be true. Being skeptical of new things, I tried it and could not believe the results.

First I applied it to the interior of the 2008 64 ft Hatteras that I captain, to the wood work, showers, mirrors, granite and corrian counter tops, TV screens, and could not believe the shine and protective coating that appeared. I figured if its this good inside It has to work outside. My crew and I applied it to all the stainless, aluminum tower, varnish, windows, paint and the results were incredible.

The shine and luster was like nothing I have seen and the ease of the Power Finish to work with was a big plus. It takes the place off just about all the products we use to maintain the vessel. Instead of caring 5 different products now we have just one, and not to mention the money we have saved our boss.

-K.R. North Palm Beach, Fl.

Eliminate all your marine finishing
products, one bottle can do it all:
Penetrates deep into the microscopic pores of the gel coat and sealing it, thus stopping further damage

Makes cleaning your boat incredibly easy, dirt washes off with water alone as dirt, oil and grime does not stick

Lasts far longer than wax or other traditional finishes

Prevents oxidation, soiling and degradation

Protects from mold and mildew on your seats

Creates a deep lustrous shine and keeps your boat looking new

Provides UV protection

Reduces friction for better mileage, less drag, faster sailing and fuel savings

Save money and time by not having to paint your boat every year

Keeps your boat light as a new coat of paint can add 40 lbs to the weight of your boat!

Save the aquatic environment by eliminating the polluting effect of metals in paint that leach out and flake off into the water. Nano Power Finish is environmentally friendly and harmless to marine life - contains no VOC’s, Silicones, Wax, Teflon or petroleum distillates.

Safe to use, simply and fast, applies in seconds


Use above and below the water line:
Hull, sails, bulkheads, tuna towers

Instrument panel, gauges, electronic screens (radar, GPS, compass)

Stainless steel, brass, chrome, copper and steel fixtures

Bathroom and Kitchen Counters, Shower Doors, Mirrors, inside cabinets and furniture

Bumpers, side rails, buoys

Coat Outdrives to prevent corrosion and Marine Buildup

Coat Dinghy Bottom and Parts to Prevent Buildup of Barnacles/Marine Growth

Protects and polishes plastic and vinyl windows, side curtains, plexiglass

Anchor Windlass and Chain Mechanisms

Canvas covers


  NANO Power Finish
Your Boat could be free of algae & barnacles – see fiberglass test pictures below
Nano Power Finish spreads easily and wipes off easily, without any vigorous rubbing, nanotechnology penetrates into the pores at the sub-molecular level and does the work for you. Wash, clean and dry every surface before application. Spray lightly, let sit for a few minutes, the buff off with a microfiber cloth. Use Nano Power Finish to protect every surface of your boat, maintain its original brilliant finish and conserve its value for extended periods of time.
NANO Power Finish NANO Power Finish NANO Power Finish
One side of a piece of fiberglass with our Nano Power Finish and put into the water for 6 weeks to compare the effects with and without Nano Power Finish. The untreated disk has barnacle growth everywhere and firmly attached to the disk, the only way to remove the barnacle growth is with vigorous pressure washing. The disk treated with Nano Power Finish only has slight covering with algae that is barely holding onto the disk and is easily wiped off with a cloth. These disks were untouched during the entire testing period.

Protect your gel coat & the appearance of your boat
The smooth gel coat surface of a boat has millions of tiny microscopic pores. These pores fill with microscopic grime if not sealed properly. Bacteria that live in these small pores assist in deterioration. Baking in the hot sun hastens the process. As the gel coat surface gets filled in with chalky debris it looks dull and faded.

The most important thing you can do to prevent deterioration is to protect the gel coat with a protective coating. Nano Power Finish works to seal at the sub-molecular level. Nano-particles are so small they penetrate and seal the tiniest imperfections on the surface, preventing the elements from coming into direct contact with the gel coat. Unfortunately waxes don’t seal the surface (only coat), but leave pockets of air underneath.

Carnauba waxes and “automotive” sealants hold the contamination in place where it continues to oxidize from the inside, under that wax! Waxes also don’t last long. The surface may shine with a wax coat for a while but under that shine the waxes start to melt and bake off at 120 degrees.


Nano Power Finish is revolutionizing the way people clean their boats. Here is what it can do for you:
Reduces drag, improves fuel efficiency and reduces fuel costs

Dirt, algae and barnacles do not stick, reducing clean up time by up to 50%

Protects from UV rays and surface cracking, retards scratches, repels dirt and water, improves the shine

Easy to use and applies to surfaces in seconds, leaves no residue and adds no weight

Use on any surface, eliminating the need for other finishing products and reducing your use of hazardous chemicals

Preserves the boat’s natural beauty and helps maintain its resale value
  NANO Power Finish
Here is what some other people are saying:
“I have owned 12 New Power Boats in my Boating Career I would like to extend some feedback on my most recent... Boat a New 2008 SeaRay 44 Ft Sundancer Serial # SERF16845708 The Boat is kept maintained at Hyannis Marina in Hyannis Massachusetts.. I have applied Nano Protective Finish to my Strataglass Windows and all the Stainless Fittings on my Boat upon taking delivery.. 7/2/09..The Boat by the way List Price is $795,000. My experience is that this is the Cleanest, Easiest Maintenance ever on a Plastic Window.. No Scratches and Clarity Beyond Belief !!! The Salt wash's off with the Spray of a Hose and Water !! Wipe Dry with a Micrfibre Cloth or Chamois and a perfect Spotless fellow Boaters have All used this product seeing my Crystal Clear Windows and Love the product and results ! I am talking Boats that sell in the Millions of Dollars !!!”

Sincerely, S.T.

“We started on some marine electronics; GPS & Depth Finders. These are very important accessories for the boater. The LED screens on these units take a beating - finger prints, dirt, salt water spray, water marks - add some dust that gets attracted. We cleaned the units that are on display. Sprayed each with Nano Power Finish. You could see a big difference in the screens. Very clean and added brightness. Finger prints and water marks are easy to just wipe off.We attacked a few trolling motors. The stainless steel shafts after being coated with the Nano Power Finish looked better & brighter than right out of the box. You could feel the difference of the trolling motors that got Nano Finish. We took on a few Stainless Coated Ladders. The shine after coating the Nano Finish was better than new. Once again you could tell the ladder was coated by feel and touch.”

- D.W.,Tampa FL

“…we have discovered that when applying Nano Power Finish it virtually eliminates fingerprints and smears…when Nano Power Finish is applied to any “Envirawood” finished product, the original beauty of the finish is very well protected…."

-Andrew Distler, President, Environmental Wood Incorporated

“After applying Nano Power Finish I was stunned by how good my boat looked. It had a mirror finish and looked like a new boat. And it is now so easy to clean. All came off with a freshwater hose and a soft cloth. I couldn’t believe how easily the marks, which usually takes lots of elbow grease to remove, just slid off the structure.”

- A.P. – Sarasota, Fl


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